“You make everyone feel comfortable, yet get to the root of the conflict efficiently and deal with it effectively, leaving everyone involved feeling satisfied and part of the solution.”
"You can always be assured that whatever Annette is involved in it is done impeccably.”
“No task is ever too big or too small for Annette to undertake and her enthusiasm and professional manner for the job at hand is always welcomed.”
“Annette was able to recognise and articulate specific challenges which our organisation faced and was able to define strategies for improvement.”
“Thank you for being so supportive and approachable.”
“Thank you for all the energy and enthusiasm you have put into our plans. The timelines have been extremely short, and you have worked diligently and with the utmost of professionalism.”
“Annette’s major strength is her ability to assess a situation quickly and then formulate an action plan. Annette is astute in her observation and estimation of people.”
“A clear strength is Annette’s ability to maintain objectivity when guiding and counselling others.”

The Family Law Act (1975) states that a genuine effort must be made to resolve parenting matters and that parents are to use the services of a Family Dispute Resolution specialist (some exemptions apply) before applying to the court for a parenting order.

Totius helps people with the process of gaining agreement and can provide the necessary documentation to support you with your parenting and property plans.

Parenting Agreement – Goodwill

Parenting Plan

Parenting Orders

Your Children Need You

You have just separated, and most likely believe, that you and your ex-partner now have nothing in common. On some level, this may be true. But there is one very important thing you do have in common – YOUR CHILDREN. You may be separated, but you are forever connected, by the one thing you love the most – YOUR CHILDREN.

Transitioning from dual parenting to co-parenting, or from absent parenting to engaged parenting, requires effort. Restarting your lives, means lots of decision making and change.

Making decisions and communicating with someone you don’t enjoy being around, can be challenging. Prolonging decision-making can have negative consequences for you and your children. Worst of all, delaying can impact on the development and well-being of your children. Research has proven that uncertainty, conflict and children being exposed to high emotional states, significantly affects their development and well-being.

As mediators, we deal with this type of uncertainty and conflict every day.

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