“You make everyone feel comfortable, yet get to the root of the conflict efficiently and deal with it effectively, leaving everyone involved feeling satisfied and part of the solution.”
"You can always be assured that whatever Annette is involved in it is done impeccably.”
“No task is ever too big or too small for Annette to undertake and her enthusiasm and professional manner for the job at hand is always welcomed.”
“Annette was able to recognise and articulate specific challenges which our organisation faced and was able to define strategies for improvement.”
“Thank you for being so supportive and approachable.”
“Thank you for all the energy and enthusiasm you have put into our plans. The timelines have been extremely short, and you have worked diligently and with the utmost of professionalism.”
“Annette’s major strength is her ability to assess a situation quickly and then formulate an action plan. Annette is astute in her observation and estimation of people.”
“A clear strength is Annette’s ability to maintain objectivity when guiding and counselling others.”
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Time is precise. Wasting time being stressed, confused and uncertain about your future, and your child/ren’s future, is not a place you want to be.

Resolving parenting and financial matters sooner, means your children no longer have to silently suffer the pain of your separation. They can stop feeling caught in the middle and start being children again. You can stop being consumed with fear, anxiety and uncertainty and start spending time doing what matters most to you.  

Taking the first step is often the hardest. At Totius, we will support you every step of the way, keeping you informed and connected to the process, so you can move on with your life.

We Help You:

Initial Consultation

Booking an initial consultation is the first small step towards resolving matters that affect you, your children, extended family and friends. Your initial meeting can be online or face to face.

We offer:

Tailored Approach to Conflict Resolution

After the initial consultation, we tailor an approach that best meets your needs and that is in the best interest of your children. We will provide timely correspondence and documentation to help fast track your negotiations.

We will explain the process and options available to you, and collaborate with you and others to determine the best way to move forward.  

Finding someone you can trust and relate to, with matters that are of the highest importance to you, is not easy. At Totius, we pride ourself on being professional. We will have your best interests, and the best interests of your children, at the centre of our services.

Not Speaking With Your Ex-Partner!
Need Legal Support?


Services include:


After each party has had an initial consultation and any necessary referrals have been made, a mediation session may be scheduled.  These sessions can be face to face, online, legally assisted or run via shuttle.

Shuttle mediation is where each party is in separate rooms and the mediator moves between the rooms to facilitate communication.

The Family Law Act 1975 seeks for parties to make a genuine effort to resolve matters by means of mediation, before matters can be heard by the Courts (some exceptions apply).  If there are reasons why mediation cannot proceed, a Section 60I Certificate can be issued, allowing the matter to proceed to a hearing.


Following mediation, each party is sent a copy of any agreements that were reached during the mediation session.  These documents can form a goodwill agreement or the basis for a Parenting Plan, Parenting Orders, Consent Orders or Binding Financial Agreements. 

“If a community values it’s children, it must also cherish the children’s parents and carers.”


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